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About Me

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I am a lawyer, husband and father of 3 small children.

ZX Spectrum 48kProgramming Background

Prior to December 2012, my only experiences of computer programming were:

  • learning how to get my ZX Spectrum (48k) to print “Kristian is Cool” using the Basic programming language
  • spending whole weekends typing code from computer magazines into my ZX Spectrum in the hope that the end result would be a playable game (in fact, they almost never worked and I had no idea what any of the code actually meant!)

This was 1985 and home computers bore little resemblance to the high powered machines that today’s kids get to play with. Yet, despite this limited success, computer programming has always been something that has intrigued me. However, I had always considered programming to be beyond my capabilities and a skill that only a chosen few could ever develop.

So, from the late 1980’s to December 2012 my relationship with computers was limited to word-processing at work, sending emails and playing games.

My iOS Programming Experiment

In December 2012 I decided that it would be fun to try to learn iOS App Development. I can’t recall what, if anything, sparked this sudden desire to do this – perhaps it was some sort of midlife crisis as I headed towards 40? or perhaps I had drunk a little too much over the Christmas holidays?

I don’t know why I made this decision and, in fact, I don’t really care why because what I am certain of is that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my entire life. Yes, it has been a difficult and frustrating journey, but it has also been extremely rewarding and I continue to learn more and more each day.

I am not under any illusions. I do not expect to be able to create the next blockbuster app, make millions of dollars, and be able to retire to the Bahamas next year. However, I have written applications that work, they are installed on my own iOS devices and I intend to get them published on the AppStore by the end of this year. As a result of this somewhat modest achievement my very 4 year old twin boys think that I am some sort of computer genius – I know the truth but I choose not to enlighten them at this stage!

The App that I am currently developing is a simple creation called “Tricky Words”. I wrote it to help my own children learn to read. Now, it may not contain the most beautifully written code, but it works and I am quite proud of it. You can read more about “Tricky Words” here.

My Programming Ambitions

I will continue to learn iOS App Development, not as a way to make lots of money but just for the fun of it. I truly believe that computer programming can be a rewarding hobby in its own right even if your skills are not highly developed enough to make money doing it. Of course, if I happen to stumble across a great idea and accidentally create the next Clash of Clans or Tetris then that will be a very welcome added bonus.

My other motivating factor is that I strongly believe that all children should learn how to program computers, whether or not they wish to pursue it as a career. Computers now occupy such a central position in the world that any child who learns these skills will undoubtedly have an advantage over their peers. Since I cannot rely upon the English Schools System to provide this training to my children I will have to do it myself.

What Can I Offer You?

learn iOS programmingIf you are reading this, then it is probably reasonable for me to assume that you have some interest in learning how to create iOS games and applications. I should point out that the purpose of this website is not to try to teach you iOS programming skills since I am clearly not qualified to undertake this task.

However, as someone who was in the same position as you about 14 months ago, I am in the perfect position to give you some guidance as to which training and tools you would be advise to use in order to achieve your goal of learning to create games and applications for iOS devices.

I have wasted money on training courses that were poorly delivered and mistakenly bought books that were out of date. I hope to be able to help you to avoid these pitfalls and achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

There are a number of free resources available on the internet and I will recommend some to you. However, if you want to progress at a reasonable speed you are going to have to invest some money. You will need to buy a couple of books and probably have to enrol on an online video course of some kind – the extent of this investment will depend upon your own preferred style of learning and what you can afford.

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