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Game Art Creating Software

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Game Art Creating Software

The Importance of Game Art It doesn’t matter how good your code is, if your graphics are poor then no-one will want to play your game. This is why professional game-making companies hire teams of artists to create their game art. However, unless your parents are Bill and Melinda Gates you probably won’t be able to afford this luxury. Game Art Options for the Amateur Developer There are only really 3 options: find some free game art on the internet pay for a royalty-free package of game art learn to create your own game art (1) Free Game Art It is certainly possible to find free game art on the internet. The best websites that I have found include: Vicki Wenderlich Opengameart The problem is that it is probably not going to be exactly what you had in mind when you first came up with that killer idea for a game. You will have probably imagined some of the characters and how they would look and act, and have some idea of the virtual world in which they live. But, your chances of fortuitously stumbling upon some free art on the internet that just happens to coincide with the images in your mind are almost zero! Instead, you will end up having to create a completely different game to fit in with the free game art that you have found. Believe me, I have spent hours trying to find suitable free game art on the internet but my searching has never led to anything resembling what I was looking for. The other problem is that, even if you do find something good and use it, you can bet that many other people have done the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that free game art is useless. When you are learning to write code, it is great to be able to download free game art to test your little projects with rather than have to make it yourself from scratch. Those who create this art for free are providing a very generous service to beginners, but don’t expect to be able to rely upon it to make all of your games, especially if you want to make something original. (2) Game Art Packages There are some very attractive looking game art packages for sale on the internet. Generally, the quality of the art will be better that the free game art and it will tend to comprise a full set of graphics that can be used to make an entire game. If you are only interested in making a game for fun then these can be a relatively cheap and quick way to get a complete set of game images. Of course, you will probably not be the only person to have bought the same game art package, but they will certainly be more exclusive than the free stuff. My favourite “game art package” producer at the moment is Justin at Cartoonsmart. His packages are high quality...

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