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iOS Development Books

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If you are serious about learning to program in iOS you will definitely need to buy a couple of iOS development books. In fact, you will need books on Objective-C and iOS. Even if you enrol on an online video training course you will want to have some books to use for reference purposes since constantly having to hunt through the videos to find the correct module can be a real headache. Online training courses are a complement to (and not a replacement for) good quality books on Objective-C and iOS Programming.

You MUST ensure that any books you buy are fully up to date. The $2 books on iOS5 might seem good value at first glance, but they will be almost worthless for someone learning to write apps for iOS 7 in 2014. All of the books listed below are up to date as of 20th February 2014.

The Best Objective-C Books

iOS Apps are written using the Objective-C programming language. Some may suggest that you need to learn the the C programming language first and only then begin to tackle Objective-C. However, the best Objective-C books tend to include chapters that provide you with just enough C programming knowledge prior to moving on to the more challenging Objective-C chapters.

The 2 most popular books are:

  • Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2nd Edition), by Hillegass and Ward
  • Programming in Objective-C (6th Edition), by Kochan

I have both on my bookshelf.

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The Best iOS Development Books

It is not enough to simply learn the programming language. You will also need to learn how to use Xcode 5 and iOS 7 to create your games and apps.

The 2 most popular books are:

  • iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (4th Edition), by Conway, Hillegass and Keur
  • Programming iOS 7, by Neuberg

I have both on my bookshelf and I still use the regularly when I get stuck.

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