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Learn Java For Android – The Best Online Courses

Posted by on May 21, 2014

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Java Programming for Beginners

Learn Java for AndroidI have already explained in a previous post that I would like to learn Java for Android and I recommended the “Java Programming for Beginners” course as a great place to learn the basics of Java prior to tackling some of the more complicated aspects of Android development.

The Java Programming for Beginners course is an excellent introduction to the subject and it gets great user reviews. If you are not interested in learning to develop Android games and apps and just want to learn the Java language, then it is by far the best beginners Java course that I have found online and I highly recommend it to you.

However, if your ultimate goal is to develop for the Android platform then it might be better to look for a course that focusses more on that goal and gives you a taste of what is required. I think that I have found a course that will teach you the fundamentals of Java and at the same time introduce you to the process of creating apps for Android towards the end of the course. It is called the Java Essentials for Andoid course and is available at Udemy.

Java Essentials for Android

The “Java Essentials for Android” course introduces the necessary basic programming concepts by building three simple Android apps. There are more than 100 video lectures, 4 quizzes and lab exercises to ensure that the lessons have really sunk in before moving onto the next modules.

This is not an advanced Java or Android training course and you are not required to have any prior experience of Java or Object-oriented programming. Instead, this course is for anyone (including absolute beginners) and is designed to get you ready to take a professional Android course as most of them require that you learn java for android development first.

The main difference between this course and others aiming to teach Java to beginners is that it places added emphasis on those Java programming concepts that you will need to learn in order to develop Android apps.

Learning a new computer programming language can be a very difficult undertaking and many tutors don’t make the process any easier with their dry, technical and often incomprehensible explanations.

One of the common themes of the student reviews of this course is that the tutor (David Janzen) does a great job of explaining the difficult concepts in a simple manner that makes them easy to understand. Furthermore, David Janzen is not just an academic – whilst he has been teaching Android development subjects at academic institutions (online and offline) for a number of years, he has also published his own very successful apps on the App Store. This obviously makes him a far more credible authority on the subject than those that just have a theoretical knowledge of Android app development.

Java Essentials for Android Course Review

The course costs $89 and consists of 100 video lectures containing more than 8 hours of content.

You also get the chance to try out this course before you finally commit to buy it since, if you aren’t fully satisfied with it, you can take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

As with all Udemy courses, you can watch the video lectures on your home computer or smart device.

Here is what the student reviewers have to say about this course:

“Clear, concise, explanations I took a Java course back in college years ago and I feel like I got more from David than my college professor. Each lecture is broken down to specific topics and most are very short but full of the useful information to learn the core concepts, with minimal fluff. He uses examples constantly. Most lectures are videos of code where he walks through exactly what each piece does and how to properly use it. The labs are also great. The web site in which the labs are hosted is kind of subpar but the information and the tasks you do in each lab is very useful and since he does not provide the answers (although he does help point you in the right direction if needed), you are forced to keep working at the lab until you understand what you are doing wrong and learn to do it properly.”
“AWESOME and Easy to Follow Course! Mr David makes it so easy for me to understand the essentials of Java. Being a beginner in programming, he goes at a very comfortable pace explaining each and every line of code that he types. I have already finished the first few lectures already and the content is easy to understand and very digestable. Recommended for ALL beginner programmers or experts alike!”
“one stop shop for java and andriod This is one of the few courses that has training labs in which get to practice that you have just learned. One of the best java lessons. The focus of the course is more on java then android. The one thing i enjoyed most was “Class Examples in Apps”, this idea of show how java classes used in real Apps was excellent.”
“Excellent Course David Janzen does a great job of explaining the basics of Java and tying that into the basics of Android app creation. Not particularly easy subjects, but Mr. Janzen’s engaging approach covers each topic thoroughly. Highly recommended. I’d definitely be interested in a more advanced course for Java, one that takes up where this one ended.”
“Clear and excellent explanations throughout the course Excellent course, I learned exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!”

The other reasons to like this course include:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • A community of 1,200+ students
  • Forum for Students and Tutors to engage with 220+ discussions so far

Java Essentials for Android Course Content

The basic information about this course is shown in the image below.

In addition, you can find a full list of the course contents here.

Java Essentials for Android Course Content list

Buy the Java Essentials for Android Course for $89 here.

Alternative Java Programming Courses

If you don’t think that this course is for you, there are some alternative Java Programming Courses listed here.

Further Information

Learning Java in order to create games and apps for Android devices is a truly noble ambition and I would love to hear about your own personal efforts to succeed at it. I would also welcome any other recommended online Java courses that are aimed at beginners and designed to introduce the student to the basics of Android development.

If you have any questions or feedback about my “Learn Java For Android – The Best Online Courses″ post, please leave a comment in the box below or send an email to

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