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Learn Objective-C Online

Posted by on Mar 11, 2014

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Learn Objective C OnlineOnline Courses vs Offline Courses vs Books?

iOS games and applications are written using the Objective-C programming language. It is not the easiest programming language to learn, but there is quite simply no other option if you are serious about iOS development.

You will need to buy a book or 2 on the subject of Objective-C, and I have recommended some great texts here.

Some people will say that you need to learn the C Programming language first, but most good Objective-C courses will begin by teaching you the essential elements of C first anyway.

However, if you are anything like me you will not be entirely satisfied with learning a computer programming language using just books. Personally, I find that my learning is greatly improved when I have access to video lectures and tutorials delivered by experts in the field who are able to communicate and explain complex concepts using visual examples. I like to see the code, see how it works and have someone explain everything about it as they go along.

You can try to enrol on an offline Objective-C course. But, having looked into this possibility myself, the drawbacks are:

  • the course dates / times are inflexible and difficult to fit around a job or family life
  • they are very expensive (expect to pay $1,000+ for a good one)
  • once you have attended the course, that’s it – usually no on-going support or access to tutorials
  • hard to find good quality courses in some countries due to lack of suitable experts

Fortunately, someone invented the internet and you can now learn Objective-C online at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent offline course.

Where to find Objective-C Courses online

You can certainly find some free YouTube videos created by people claiming to experts in Objective-C. Some of them may well be experts, but you will have no way of knowing and you certainly DO NOT want to waste your time learning other people’s coding mistakes. You will also find it hard to find anyone on YouTube offering to provide you will a comprehensive education in any programming language and there will be no real support to help you as you progress through the lessons.

I learnt a little from YouTube videos, but most of what I had learnt had to be “unlearnt” when I finally bit the bullet and paid for a proper course provided by a real expert. I suggest that you save yourself some time and frustration and just pay for a comprehensive online Objective-C Training Course from the start.

These online courses are often NOT expensive when compared with their offline alternatives and it will be money well spent in the end.

There are essentially 2 payment models for computer programming courses online:

  • monthly recurring subscription
  • one-off payment

I absolutely hate the monthly recurring subscription model – it encourages you to either “rush” through the training or end up spending a fortune on monthly fees.

Read my critique of the Team Treehouse monthly subscription courses here.

I highly recommend Udemy as a great place to find high quality Objective-C training courses.

The main benefits of choosing Udemy are:

  • Courses delivered by genuine experts
  • Single One-Off Payment
  • Lifetime access to course content (videos, quizzes, assignments)
  • Active community of students to engage with as you learn
  • Support from course teachers
  • Read reviews from past students before you decide to enrol
  • 30 day money back guarantee

In my opinion, one of the best online Objective-C training course is “Learn to Make iPhone Apps With Objective-C for iOS 7.0” by Paul Solt.

Not only will it teach you Objective-C, but you will also learn how to use Xcode. The course is completely up to date and Paul Solt adopts a very interesting, current and practical method of teaching what can be a very dry and technical subject.

This course costs $199.

However, I have a great Discount Code that allows you to buy it for just $10 today.

Click on the image below to read more about this course and the excellent reviews from past and current students.

Learn to Create iPhone Apps with Objective C

Further Information

Click here if you want to read more about iOS Training Courses.

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