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Learn Objective C Online – The Best Courses

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014

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Objective C Books v Online Training Courses

Learn Objective C OnlineI believe that I have found the best beginner course to learn objective C online and it is called “Learn to Make iPhone Apps With Objective C for iOS 7”.

But, do you really need to enrol on an online video course to learn Objective C or can you just learn it all from reading books?

There are undoubtedly some great books to help you learn the Objective C programming language. I have a couple of these books and I use them as quick reference guides when I need to solve a particular coding problem. However, I did not learn how to write Objective C by simply reading these books. People have different learning styles and some people might be able to rely solely on text books, but for me, I learn much more quickly and effectively if I can watch a video tutorial and then ask questions of the tutor afterwards if necessary.

The reasons that I prefer to learn from video tutorials first and then use books for reference purposes include:

  • Having to physically handle a book/e-reader whilst typing code is annoying for me
  • Programming concepts are more difficult to explain in dry print form
  • I find it much easier to follow the code and understand it when someone is explaining everything as it is appearing on the screen
  • You rarely get the chance to ask the author of a book to explain a concept in a different way to improve your understanding

So, my advice to you is that you will probably learn Objective C much more quickly and effectively if you enrol on an online training course than if you simply read code and try to learn programming concepts from a book.

What About Offline Objective C Training?

There are 2 big problems with trying to find an offline Objective C training course to attend.

Firstly, very few people will live in an area where there are well qualified experts available to visit your particular college and teach Objective C to the necessary high standard – I certainly looked around in my local area and there was absolutely nothing.

Secondly, even if you can find a suitable course, the chances are that it will cost well in excess of $1,000 for a day or so of training and thereafter you will be unlikely to have on-going access to the tutors. I am not a fan of short intensive course since you need time to fully understand each concept (and try it out for yourself in your own time) before moving on to the next module. If you can find and are able to enrol on a longer course, the cost can easily run to a few thousand dollars.

Nowadays, there is absolutely no need to attend a physical college in order to learn Objective C or any other programming language for that matter. There are many much cheaper online courses that are produced by experts that are likely to be far more qualified and experienced than your local college teacher.

So, which course do I recommend for learning Objective C online, and why?

Learn to Make iPhone Apps With Objective C for iOS 7

Learn Objective C Online

This is a comprehensive high quality course that will teach you the basics of Objective C from scratch.

learn objective c online 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeMany courses will require and presume an understanding of other programming languages, but not this one. It does not presume any prior programming knowledge and the tutor takes you through each of the training videos at a very measured and sensible speed.

Unlike many other computer programming books and courses, the content here is completely up-to-date and relevant to the latest versions of iOS and Xcode.

The course tutor, Paul Soltis, not just a dry academic. He is a an experienced programmer running his own software studio with games published on the App Store. He has also spent time working for Apple and Microsoft before setting up his own company. So, he manages to combine an impressive level of theoretical and practical knowledge with a very easy to understand presentation manner. The course also comes with an impressive level of support in that you can participate in the active forum where other students and the course providers are available to discuss ideas and solve any problems that you might have.

The course content can be accessed on your PC or MAC computers. Alternatively, they can be downloaded onto your smart device so that you can watch them “on the go” at the most convenient times.

Before you commit to purchasing this course, you can watch the free preview and read the excellent reviews written by past and present students. 

You also get a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” in case you are not completely satisfied with the course.

The best features of this course are:

  • Lifetime access to 70 lectures
  • 13+ hours of high quality content
  • A community of 2500+ students learning together
  • 60+ forum discussions
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Accessibility
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Rated 5-stars by 80 student reviewers

How Much Does the Course Cost?

This course costs $199.

Buy the “Make iPhone Apps Course” here

As I have previously mentioned, this is a fraction of the cost of an offline course of this comprehensive nature and you probably won’t find a better beginners course on Objective C.

What the Students Reviewers Say:

I have read all of the reviews and, as I have already mentioned, this course has been rated an average of “5-stars”.

They say:

This course will motivate to start your own app! I have always been interested in learning new languages and application developments and was long looking for something like this. Investing in this course has turned out to be a great decision and stimulus for further seeking to know more and more about iOS development. I’m a PC user and was always doubtful of even going after iOS programming because of obvious reasons. The way this course starts the interaction made me positive that even with PC I have enough hardware to start at least. After starting. it was like a smooth and very logical ride to each small piece covering in detail and with enough pace every aspect of coding environment and coding standards. In just few hours of taking this course my first demo iPhone app was up and then spent next some hours in plain amazement of thrill and joy of having develop something that I always only thought of. Paul, the instructor, is also very prompt in responding to emails and queries which helped in sustaining the momentum. Thank you Paul for that too!
Nice course learned lots already I have 3 Apps on the store already, my first App was developed in AS3, since then I have been learning Cocos2d, & I thought is was time to start getting into pure Objective C. I have been through lots of other courses and I got the preview for this course 2 days ago. I have only watched up to lecture 7, and I’ve taken in more in the first few lectures than all the other courses put together, I made myself a BMI calculator and am now revisiting one of my other Apps where i have just finishing adding Twitter & Facebook buttons and have started to implement iAds, Paul makes it look easy, his teaching style makes everything simple to digest and I would recommend this course to all levels, looking forward to the intermediate and advanced courses. Good investment. Thanks Paul.
the BEST Objective-C for iOS 7 i have seen! I had been looking for a good course to start learning about Objective-C, and since iOS 7 just came out not long ago, I wanted a course that would be up to date. I tried other courses here and there but it just didn’t feel right. not as clear or not as practical as i wished. This course is absolutely the right solution. It has a very well balanced mix of content in the right amount of depth, the concepts are clearly explained and then used in practical exercises, and Mr Solt is clearly an expert in his field. The audio is good quality and clear, easy to listen to. And the slideshows are also well designed, which makes it appealing on the eyes. Im definitely satisfied with this course and hope that Mr Solt makes more courses in the near future. Looking forward to see whats the next step!

My Verdict on the “How to Make iPhone Apps” Course

This course is an absolute steal at the current discounted price.

You will learn a huge amount about the Objective C programming language and it will certainly help you build a firm foundation of knowledge so that you can go on to create your own games in due course.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you purchaser this course, since Mr Soltis is so confident in its quality that he is willing to offer a “30 day money back guarantee” of you are not completely satisfied with it.

Other Great Programming Courses

If you are looking for a comprehensive online training course to teach you how to make iOS games, then read my review of the Complete iOS Game Course here.

If you are interested in learning Swift Programming, you can read about one of the first comprehensive video training courses here.

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