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Learn Swift Programming for Free – Video Training Course

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014

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Where to Find Swift Training Courses 

Learn Swift Programming for free The obvious first place to look if you want to learn Swift Programming for free is Apple’s own eBook on the subject. There is certainly no denying that it is comprehensive since it runs to some 500 pages!

However, unless you are an experienced iOS developer, you are probably not going to be able to learn Swift by just simply wading through Apple’s eBook.

Instead, I (and many other amateurs like me) will need to find some more user-friendly training resources to simplify the process of learning Swift and then demonstrate how to use it within the iOS Framework to create fully functioning Apps.

So, where can you find these resources at such an early stage in Swift’s development?

Although I will definitely be buying a Swift Programming book when they are released towards the end of 2014, I find it much easier to learn programming concepts from video training courses rather than reading and digesting code from books or other written online tutorials.

Of course, since these books are not yet released, they can’t help me in the short term anyway.

The good news for those that want to start the process of learning this new programming language is that, although Swift is only a few weeks old, there are already a number of video training courses available to teach you the basics of Swift if you are prepared to pay for them.

If you are happy to pay for training, you can check out some of the best looking ones here.

However, not everyone has the inclination or the money to pay for these training courses.

If you are one of those people and want to learn Swift Programming for Free, where should you look to find high quality video training resources?

Skip Wilson’s YouTube Channel

I had never heard of Skip Wilson before today.

However, whilst I was hunting around the internet for free training videos on Swift I stumbled upon his YouTube Channel and decided to have a good look at what he has to offer the beginner iOS developer.

Skip Wilson is a 30 year old professional programmer who creates, and teaches others to create, apps in Swift, Objective C, Python, Javascript and Ruby.

What I discovered is that he is in the process of creating 2 separate series of videos on the Swift programming language: one is for absolute beginners that have no previous programming experience and the other is pitched at a higher level for those that have some programming knowledge but who need help to get to grips with the new syntax and concepts.

Before looking at the course contents, I ought to say something about Skip’s presentation style since the best programmers often make the most awful teachers. I have watched some truly terrible YouTube programming videos in the past 3 years or so and it can be very frustrating to listen to a highly intelligent and probably brilliant programmer mumble incoherently into their headset mic!

However, I have nothing negative to say about Skip’s presentational skills since he has a voice that is very easy on the ears and he is also able to explain things in refreshingly simple terms.

So, let’s have a little look at what each course has to offer.

#1 Swift For Absolute Beginners

Swift For Absolute Beginners

At the moment, there is only 1 part published in this series of videos and I watched it this afternoon. I understand that Skip’s intention is to add more videos in due course to help absolute beginners to get to grips with the basics of Swift and learn more about programming principles at the same time.

In Part 1, Skip begins by introducing you to some basic programming concepts before gently explaining what variables and constants are, and how they are used. Now, I have to admit that for me the video was a little too basic, but it would have been a perfect introduction if I had never before programmed anything for iOS devices.

So, if you are an absolute beginner, I highly recommend this course and suggest that you visit Skip Wilson’s YouTube Channel and subscribe to it so that you receive email notifications as and when new videos are added to the series.

#2 Swift Programming Language

There are currently 11 video tutorials in this series that is designed for more experienced programmers.

Now, I have only watched the first video so far (all 51.55 minutes), but I absolutely loved it. It was perfect for someone at my level and is certainly a great alternative to ploughing through the Apple eBook on your own.

The more I listened to Skip, the more excited I found myself becoming about the prospect of learning Swift – the simplicity of its syntax now has me firmly committed to never writing another line of Objective C code ever again!

You Can Watch Part 1 of the series here:

Looking at the other videos in the series, they seem to cover the obvious topics and I will certainly be watching them all when I get the time.

Rather than go into any more detail about the videos in this series, I suggest that you simply head on over to Skip’s YouTube Channel and check them out for yourself – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Final Word

So, as you can see, there are already some pretty nice training resources available to those that want to start to learn Swift programming for free and also those that are prepared to stump up a little cash.

Obviously, Swift is still in development and Apple are tweaking some of the syntax as and when they receive feedback from iOS programmers.

However, there is absolutely no reason to wait until Swift is out of beta before starting to learn the language  Although Apple will continue to make subtle modifications, the fundamental structure of the language is unlikely to change that much.

If you have anything to say on the subject of how to learn Swift programming for free, just leave a comment in the box below.

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