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The Best iOS Sprite Kit Tutorials 2014

Posted by on May 19, 2014

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Why Learn to Create 2d Games?

The Best iOS Sprite Kit Tutorials 2014Before identifying what I consider to be the best iOS Sprite Kit Tutorials of 2014, I ought to explain why I think that it is a good idea to create 2d games for iOS devices rather than the more complex 3d games.

I absolutely love playing 2d games on my iOS devices. For me, 3d games belong on more high-powered games consoles. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play 3d games on consoles, but they just don’t cut it on iOS devices.

I am clearly not alone in this opinion since most of the best iOS games are addictively simple 2d creations rather than the sort of complex 3d games that you might enjoy playing on your PS4 or Xbox One consoles.

If I have a few spare moments when I am out and about during the day, I would much rather pull out my iPhone or iPad and play an interesting (yet simple) 2d game than get involved in a 3d console game that has been rather desperately and greedily ported to iOS by a large software company. They often load slowly and the iOS user interface is just not well equipped to deal with complex controls.

Simple games that require basic touch, swipe and tilt movements are far more fun to play on an iPhone than navigating a tiny world (that makes your eyes go funny!) in a first person shooter.

This is a win-win situation for hobbyist iOS games programmers – 2d games are easier to make and they are also much better suited to being played on iOS devices than 3d games. This certainly goes a long way to levelling the playing field and perhaps explains why very simple games like Flappy Birds and Fruit Ninja have been such huge success stories.

What is Sprite Kit?

The Best iOS Sprite Kit Tutorials 2014Sprite Kit is Apple’s newly released graphics framework for creating 2d games. It has a flexible API that enables programmers to create games simply and without having to learn the complexities of the underlying OpenGL Code.

iOS games programmers (both professional and amateur) have long been waiting for Apple to create this framework and its arrival as been warmly welcomed. It is a truly wonderful creation and will open up the world of iOS game development to many more people than before.

There is no doubt that Apple will continue to develop and improve Sprite Kit in the years to come and anyone looking to publish 2d games on the App Store will be well advised to learn how to use it effectively.

Sprite Kit Training Courses

You can find out a little but about Sprite Kit programming from YouTube videos or Apple’s own website, but if you are serious about learning how to do it properly and need some more detailed guidance you will need to enrol on an online Sprite Kit training course.

I have tried a few (there aren’t actually that many) and have identified what I consider to be the 2 best Sprite Kit training courses. There is quite a big price difference between the 2 courses that I am going to recommend and this is reflected in the amount of course content that each one provides.

(1) The Complete iOS Game Course

In my opinion, and the opinion of many other amateur iOS programmers, this is quite simply the best Sprite Kit Training Course available.

The course contains more than 350 videos covering every conceivable aspect of Sprite Kit game programming and will take you through more than 8 different games as the tutors show you how to build each required component.

Unlike other game programming courses, the tutors cover absolutely everything that your game will need to become a finished product, including the often overlooked pause screen, settings screen and sound effects.

This course costs $499. 

I have previously reviewed this Sprite Kit training course in much greater detail here.

Click here to go straight to the Course Sales Page or read more reviews

The Complete iOS Game Course

(2) iOS 7 Game Bundle

This is a shorter course than the Complete iOS Game Course, but is an excellent option for those that can’t quite afford the longer more comprehensive course.

You get 40+ hours of video tutorials and, aside from introducing specific programming features of Sprite Kit, the tutor show you how to apply these features as he builds a fully functioning RPG. He doesn’t just deal with the game mechanics, but also includes tutorials covering in-app purchases and building a fully functioning options screen.

There is also a large amount of source code and images that can be used/modified to build your own games in the future.

Finally, you won’t just learn how to use Sprite Kit in this course. You will also be shown how to create your own game art using Adobe Flash. This can be one of the most difficult skills for beginner programmers to master and is a very useful bonus feature.

This course costs $59.95.

Click here to read more about the iOS 7 Game Bundle Course.

iOS7 Game Bundle

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