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Udemy Promo Codes – Huge Discounts on Training Courses

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014

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The Best Udemy Discount Codes

Udemy Promo CodesI have been using Udemy to buy training courses for a number of years now and I honestly consider them to be one of the best online educational websites around. Their courses are acceptably priced at full cost, but the great thing about Udemy is that they regularly release Udemy Promo Codes that enable you to get very large discounts on their training courses – usually at least 50%!

I have recently purchased courses on CSS, HTML, Objective C and iOS Development, and have never once considered taking advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee that they offer to all customers.

However, I have never ever paid full price for one of their courses – there is always a Udemy Discount Code to be found somewhere on the internet and the purpose of this post is to tell you what the best current discount codes are and how to use them to get money off your chosen course. I will update this page as and when old codes expire and new codes are released so, if you are not yet ready to start a course, just bookmark this page and return when you are ready.

I am so impressed with the quality of their courses that I have signed up as one of their affiliates. This means that I get access to some great discount codes that aren’t widely available to the public and I am allowed to share them with anyone that visits my website.

The July 2014 Udemy Discount Code entitles you to buy selected courses for just $10!

Some of these discounts are up to 98% off the normal price!

Just click “Show Coupon”

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Why I Continue to Use Udemy

The reasons that I choose Udemy over other online training providers include:

  • Single payment gives lifetime access the course content
  • No annoying monthly fees that pressurise you into rushing through courses
  • Tutors are genuine experts that update the course content as required
  • Course content is viewable on PC, MAC or can be downloaded onto a smart-device for mobile learning
  • Great discounts available if you know where to look
  • Dozens of legitimate reviews from students to check out before enrolling
  • Each course has an active forum where students and tutors can engage
  • 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied

Udemy has seen more than 2 million students enrol on its courses and received positive reviews from organisations such as the New York Times, CNBC, Forbes and Android Authority.

Udemy Reviews 1


Udemy Reviews 2

Single Payment vs Monthly Subscription Debate

Some other training course providers will give you access to their content in exchange for a regular monthly fee (usually $25+ per month). Whilst I accept that this payment model might be suitable for someone that has lots of spare time on their hands and can devote 5-6 hours per day studying multiple courses at once (and do it all in a short period of time), for those of us that have day jobs and family commitments, this is not a cost-effective option. If I set aside 12 months to learn Objective C, I would much prefer to pay under $100 for a Udemy course than $300+ in monthly subscriptions.

Learning a computer programming language, for example, takes a lot of time and hard work. I love the fact that I pay one fee for a lifetime access to the course content at Udemy. This means that I can learn at my own pace and never feel the need to rush through the lessons in order to avoid having to pay the next month’s fee. It is far better to take your time to build your programming skills and knowledge steadily than rush though the training and gain only a very fragile understanding of the complex issues involved.

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